Urban Youth Justice Documentary

See our story, see our people - our mini-documentary series shows our journey and how we touch lives.


Part 1



“My name is Miguel I’m now 18 years old.

Thankfully I met Pedro when I was on probation making stupid decisions in my life when I was 14… Immediately coming out of Florida Juvenile Detention I met him at a behavioral school… I was offered his help and I accepted...

Since then Pedro would keep me off the streets I grew up in… He would take me to places he didn’t have to on his own time and would give me fatherly advice I never had a real father… During all of this he didn’t only want to help me he would ask my brother also to ride along and tried to help others along with me and I witnessed them throwing Pedro’s help away... at home I was always in my thoughts locked in my room alone getting high throwing my life away not doing any school assignments nor listening to my mother... I was going down a path where I could’ve not been here writing this right now…

He opened me up more to God… John 3:23 “This is Gods command to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another." And I sure do have Strong Love for Pedro coming into my Life because I know with out him being in a chapter of my life I would’ve still been a delinquent… I left To California In 2019 and thanked Pedro for what he has done for me… Now I’m 18 years old, and even though, no, I did not graduate high school, I’m working on my G.E.D. Pedro kept me on the right path while he could… Now I’ve been a Construction Builder In Southern California For 2 years now and have all my bills paid and I’m living life sober.”

- Miguel Mojica on 8/01/2021